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This is Poppy's Place it is a custom made doll house for a special little girl. This house is all about Poppy and her family. In her house her family's pictures hanging on the walls. Mimi's dog -a great dane walks around while Mom, Dad and Poppy dolls enjoy the many rooms and outside areas of the home. The attic cater to her artist parents and have a potters wheel for her potter mother and an easle and paints for her father the painter. Poppy has even done artwork on a mini canvas. Poppy's room is filled with books and the kitchen has boxes of healthy foods like granola.  The outside of the house is beautifully landscaped with a slate patio and sidewalks. There is even a Blackbird that sits on the roof that represents her middle name. This house sits on a wheeled platform to make it easy to move around.. 



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