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We sell the New, the Old, the Refurbished  and the Repurposed 

Inspired by styles such as Folk Art, Shabby Chic, Traditional, Modern, Vintage and Quirky, we are sure to have something for everyone.

Creating Something New

From Something Old

The Wood N Apple is an online multimedia gallery which consists of a variety of newly created, refurbished or repurposed items.

It covers a wide range of subjects and styles such as folk art, shabby chic, traditional, modern and even some that are a little quirky. Many item are one of a kind, limited quantities or special orders. The Alpaca page holds various items hand made from alpaca fleece. You can also purchase "Alpaca Gold" aka Alpaca Beans, which is an excellent organic soil enhancement.

Monthly Features

We have recently moved and are raising Alpacas. Keep watching for new and exciting Alpaca
items on its own page.

-Enjoy your Shopping and Free Shipping-

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